25 Jul 2018
New Video of the MTC Testbed
This video gives an overview of the pre-industrial testbed of PERFoRM at MTC


13 May 2018
New Video of the GKN Use-Case
This video will feature the GKN Aerospace demonstrator cell and PERFORM business case.


14 Jan 2017
PERFoRM Technical Support and Special Session Organizer at IEEE INDIN 2017
PERFoRM is acting as a Technical Support for the IEEE IES Conference on Industrial Informatics 2017, which is held in Emden, Germany. It will contribute to the conference with a Special Session dedicated to PERFoRM relevant topics and will demonstrate results at the exhibition. For more information see:
14 Oct 2016
Presentation of PERFoRM results at IEEE IECON'16 in Florence
The 42nd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON'16) is one of the biggest conferences in the areas of ndustrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence. This year's iteration will be held in Florence, Italy and within a Special Session on "Engineering system-of-systems towards flexible and reconfigurable industrial production environment" many interesting results of PERFoRM will be presented, targeting PERFoRM's early results, such as the requirements definition for Cyber-Physical Systems, the architectural design and first approaches for the standard interface and Middleware design.
14 Jun 2016
PERFoRM at the Industrial Technologies 2016 in Amsterdam
PERFoRM will be represented at the "Industrial Technologies" conference in Amsterdam, which is being held between 22-06-2016 and 24-06-2016. The "Industrial Technologies" is a large networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation in Europe.
28 Feb 2016
PERFoRM Website launched!
Today we launched the official Homepage of the PERFoRM project. Here you will find news about upcoming events and information about the project's results in the future.

18 Jul 2018
INDIN 2018
Place: Porto, Portugal
At the 3-day INDIN 2018 conference, the following PERFoRM activities were discussed:

- PERFoRM special session “Innovative Approaches for Re-Configurability of Industrial Production Systems”

- Various presentations of PERFoRM results by partners

- PERFoRM internal workshop

04 Jul 2018
PERFoRM at the regional workshop of the ConnectedFactories project
Place: Stuttgart, Germany
PERFoRM is participating in a regional workshop of the ConnectedFactrories project that will be held in Stuttgart on the 14th of July, 2018. The main goal of the workshop is to update a technology roadmap for the digital transformation scenarios based on digital pathways.
18 May 2018
PERFoRM at the 3rd ISO/IEC JTC1/ SC41 Plenary Meeting of Joint WGs in Berlin
Place: Berlin, Germany
PERFoRM is presenting its standardization results during the technical meeting at the 3rd ISO/IEC JTC1/ SC41 Plenary Meeting of Joint WGs in Berlin. In its presentation “IIoT: covering standardization gaps in industrial field” PERFoRM gives a brief overview of the identified standardization gaps and needs, and current development trends of Industrial IoT and Cloud Platform technologies.
16 Apr 2018
5th PERFoRM Halfyear meeting
Place: Trollhättan, Schweden
Half-year meeting of all partners for project status evaluation at GKN Aerospace.
13 Nov 2017
4th PERFoRM Halfyear meeting
Place: Stuttgart, Germany
Half-year meeting of all partners for project status evaluation at Frauenhofer IPA.
24 Jul 2017
INDIN'2017 - IEEE 15th International Conference of Industrial Informatics
Place: Emden, Germany
Special Session for PERFoRM related results.
05 Apr 2017
3rd PERFoRM Halfyear meeting
Place: Coventry, Great Britain
Half-year meeting of all partners for project status assessment at the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC).
18 Oct 2016
2nd PERFoRM Halfyear meeting
Place: Milano, Italy
Half-year meeting of all partners for project status evaluation at the University Politecnico di Milano.
22 Jun 2016
Industrial Technologies 2016
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
The "Industrial Technologies" is a large networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation in Europe. PERFoRM has been represented.
04 Apr 2016
Halfyear meeting
Place: Kaiserlautern, Germany
Halfyear meeting of all partners for project status evaluation at SmartFactory.
23 Mar 2016
European Robotics Forum 2016
Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
The European Robotics Forum is a 3-day event, where researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs in the area of robotics are meeting and sharing new research results. The PERFoRM project has been represented within a dedicated workshop regarding "Hybrid Production Systems", where PERFoRM's general ideas and approaches were presented.
05 Feb 2016
Automatisierungstage Emden 2016
Place: Emden Germany
The Automation Days (German: Automatisierungstage) are a bi-annually held regional exhibition in North-Western Germany, attracting important local industries (e.g. Volkswagen, Enercon, InPro Electric) as well as German automation companies (Phoenix Contact, Beckhoff, Wago, etc.). The PERFoRM consortium had the opportunity to represent itself with a booth at the exhibition, showing a poster presentation of the project's main objectives.

21 Jun 2018
Place: Milan, Italy
Various research results from 2017 and 2018 on the subject of Industry 4.0 were presented at Assolombarda in Milan. The event was supplemented by various workshops with relevant topics. PERFoRM was represented in the middle by our partner Politecnico di Milano who had a workshop. More information was provided by PERFoRM through flyers and a roll-up.
01 Feb 2017
Workshop of Workpackage 4 and 5
Place: Braunschweig, Germany
PERFoRM's WP4/WP5 Workshop held at Technical University in Braunschweig from 1st and 2nd of February.

In this workshop, the current reservoir of use case cases of Simens, Whirlpool and GKN and the further procedure were discussed.

25 Nov 2016
Workshop of Workpackage 2 and 3
Place: Bragança, Portugal
PERFoRM's WP2/WP3 Workshop held at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança.
18 Oct 2016
Workshop SOHOMA´16
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
PERFoRM was represented in the SOHOMA'16 Workshop on Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing titled "Engineering and Human Integration in Flexible and Reconfigurable Industrial Systems", which took place in Portugal.
21 Sep 2016
Data Access Workshop
Place: Duisburg, Germany
In this workshop, the interfaces, the data structures and their access for the Siemens Use Case were presented.
31 May 2016
Use-Case Meeting GKN
Place: Trollhättan, Schweden
The aim of the workshop is to review all possible aspects of the use case at this time, with the aim of defining the definition of the detailed specification and tests. These results are essential for other work packages.
08 Mar 2016
Workshop of Workpackage 2
Place: Braganca, Portugal
In the workshop of Workpackage 2 the procedure for the following topics was defined:

- Definition and specification architectural core

- Common core of data interfaces

- Middelware design and development